About Timco and the Products We Test

Our staff has over a century of experience testing and certifying equipment in the USA, CANADA, and the European Union. Our experienced engineering staff offers low cost EMC Certification solutions! Timco’s facility is accredited to ISO/IEC 17025 and ISO/IEC 17065 by A2LA. With Timco, you'll receive prompt testing of your product, complete reports and follow-up services from report submission to final approval or Grant.  Priority testing services are also available. Timco’s TCB, FCB & NB  services provide a FAST turnaround time on certifications.  Timco can issue your approvals for USA, CANADA & EU scopes.       It is the policy of Timco to provide testing, Certification  and related services to our customers with quality, honesty, integrity, impartiality and professionalism while maintaining compliance with the defined scope of our accreditation.  

Product Testing

  • RF Testing
  • P25 Testing
  • Product Safety
Timco primarily tests product(s) for governmental approval, USA, Canada, and Europe.  Testing for North American compliance is primarily concerned with insuring that RF devices. Timco also does performance testing for PROJECT 25 radios and is the only independent test laboratory recognized by the Department of Home Land Security(DHS) to do PERFORMANCE INTEROPEROBILITY testing. We can do environmental testing on products up to 10 kilograms. We have over 100 years of in-house experience.

Safety Testing

At Timco we are able to provide you an essential global service – a highly technological interface between the manufacturer and the Safety Regulatory Agency.  We review, examine, modify, and test your products to the latest industry standards.  You can relax knowing that Timco an accredited lab will be at your side from the beginning and to the end of your project and more.

Product engineering design and manufacturing companies would rather not interface with product safety compliance – but the reality is that safety approvals are necessary.  At Timco, our belief has always been that agency compliance should be made easy and simplified for our customers.  Timco can work as your business personalized regulatory compliance group, communicating and interfacing with the regulatory agencies on your behalf.  Timco understands your goals and are experts in the standards. We are well known and respected by the regulatory agencies and can provide a fast turn-around time. We handle the entire process for you.