IC/ FCB Certification

Timco is recognized by Industry Canada as a Foreign Certification Body (FCB). Timco certifies that the equipment submitted for certification complies with established Radio Standards Specifications requirements, in accordance with Radio Standards Procedure – RSP-100.  A Certificate is issued accordingly.

Scope of Accreditation

  • Radio Scope 1 – Licence-exempt Radio Frequency Devices;
  • Radio Scope 2 – Licensed Personal Mobile Radio Services;
  • Radio Scope 3 – Licensed General Mobile and Fixed Radio Services;
  • Radio Scope 4 – Licensed Maritime and Aviation Radio Services;
  • Radio Scope 5 – Licensed Fixed Microwave Radio Services; and
  • Broadcasting – All BETS in the Category I Equipment Standards List.

Details of the above-mentioned scopes can be found on Industry Canada’s Spectrum Management and Telecommunications website at:

Radiocommunication and Broadcasting Equipment Scopes of Accreditation for Certification Bodies